Mateus Pinto Rodrigues has a Bsc (2016) degree in Computer Science from the Federal University of Pará and is currently pursuing a Msc in Computer Science at the Federal University of Uberlândia. His research revolves around dynamic memory allocation. Other research intersts include: programming languages, compilers, security, and theory of computation. On his spare time he contributes to free software projects, mainly the Dragora GNU/Linux-libre distribution.

During Undergraduation he participated in a research group on bioinformatics for two years, then he participated on security research as an assistant of the RNP(Rede Nacional de Pesquisa) coordinated group SE-CNC "Cloud computing for science". After these experiences he settled on his main area of research, Operating Systems, doing his bachelor thesis on the subject "Implementation of a file system for the RISC-V architecture".

1 Publications

Implementação de Userland POSIX em Go. RODRIGUES, M. P.; VILELA, M. ; FERREIRA, A. B. In: 18º Simpósio de Iniciação Científica e Tecnológica, 2016, São Paulo. Boletim Técnico da Faculda de Tecnologia de São Paulo, 2016. p. 135-135.

PipeReg - Pipeline for Regulators Prediction. CARNEIRO, A. R. ; RODRIGUES, M. P. ; RAMOS, R. T. J. ; SA, P. H. C. G. ; BARAUNA, R. A. ; DALLAGNOL, H. P. M. B. ; CAREPO, M. S. P. ; PELLIZARI, V. H. ; AZEVEDO, V. A. C. ; SCHNEIDER, M. P. C. ; SILVA, A. L. C. In: 59º CONGRESSO BRASILEIRO DE GENÉTICA, 2013, Águas de Lindóia.